Reflectivity & Glare Analysis Report

Unlock the full potential of your development with precision and compliance

Navigating the complexities of urban development requires more than just innovative design; it demands a commitment to environmental harmony and regulatory compliance.

Deneb Design’s Reflectivity and Glare Analysis is an essential preliminary report that’s not only cost-effective but can streamline your regulatory planning process.

Ideal for projects that have large areas of glazing, solar farms, large scale solar arrays, complex glazed facades (geometry) and typically a planning requirement for projects that adjoin infrastructure such as major arterial roads, rail lines and busy intersections.

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About Deneb Design

Deneb Design has established itself as a leading expert consultant in Architectural Technical Documentation. With over 20 years experience in the field, their depth of understanding combined with advanced computer simulation technologies enables clear solutions across a wide range of requirements.

Cameron McFadzean


Cameron is a registered Architect and sustainability assessor, and has been a director of Deneb Design since 1999. During this time he has worked on large and small scale projects and also in conjunction with some of Australia’s most reputable Architectural firms to deliver a range of design services. 

Reflectivity and Glare Analysis Benefits


Ensure Compliance

Deneb Design’s in-depth analysis will guide you through the regulatory landscape, making compliance a clear and straightforward path to success.


Protect Your Community

Shield residents and the environment from the adverse effects of glare. Deneb Design can identify potential risks and provide actionable solutions to maintain the comfort and safety of your project’s surroundings.


Elevate Your Design

Incorporate sustainability into your project without sacrificing your vision. Deneb Design’s expert recommendations allow you to maintain your design integrity while adhering to environmental and regulatory standards.


Stage 1: Reflectivity Report

Also known as GLINT and GLARE Analysis, this report is the most widely used reflectivity report for council and regulatory submission.  It uses advanced 3D analysis enabling a clear understanding of any compliance requirements to meet the relevant control codes.

  • Architectural designs
  • Rail infrastructure (VIC rail compliance)
  • Road / vehicle analysis

Stage 2: Reflectivity and Glare Hazard Report

Building upon the Stage 1 analysis, the Stage 2 Glare Hazard report provides comprehensive glare evaluation and mitigation strategies. Based on industry-standard compliance requirements and protocols (Hassell protocols).

FAA Approved SGHAT

FAA Approved SGHAT analysis provides reflectivity and glare hazard analysis for infrastructure close to airports or flight paths.
  • Solar farms/panels
  • Architecture with air transport with local environs
  • Transport axis where SGHAT is determined as the most efficient method of analysis.

Tell us about your project

Deneb Design’s approach ensures that your project not only advances through the planning stages with greater ease but also embodies a commitment to sustainable and responsible design practices.

Who benefits?

Whether you’re an architect envisioning the next landmark, a developer transforming the skyline, or a planner safeguarding community interests, Deneb Design’s Reflectivity and Glare Analysis is indispensable. From high-rise buildings and commercial complexes to solar farms and infrastructure projects, ensure your development is a beacon of responsible and forward-thinking design.

Report protocols tailored to your needs

Deneb Design’s reports are customized to fit the specific planning controls of your project, whether it’s for the City of Sydney, NSW Rail, Vic Rail, or NSW Maritime, ensuring precise alignment with your project brief.

Efficient timelines that work for you

Deneb Design provides accurate delivery timelines upon receiving all necessary data, offering both standard and express services to fit your project schedule.

Commitment to compliance and design excellence

Deneb Design’s approach ensures that your project not only advances through the planning stages with greater ease but also embodies a commitment to sustainable and responsible design practices.

By addressing potential reflectivity and glare issues from the outset, they help safeguard the visual comfort of communities and contribute to the creation of harmonious urban landscapes.

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